電影發燒友 Thomas Duke (Facebook, Instagram) 走訪威爾斯、巴黎、倫敦、諾定咸等電影拍攝場景,用一張照片帶大家置身喺電影之中。影呢D相一D都唔易,要就哂角度距離,有時仲需要瞓晒身嚟影 🙈🙈


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Happy 34th Birthday Pixar! 🎈 • On this day in 1986 @pixar Studios was founded. Little did they know how many adventures they would take all of us on! The Pixar catalogue was what truly connected my heart to film. The pure magic that Pixar has created through these 3 decades is truly unimaginable and I feel so lucky to have been alive to watch it all grow. From the stories way down below amongst the tall, green grass in ‘A Bug's Life' 🍃 To way up, up, up high amongst the clouds in the world of ‘Up' ⛅️ Nothing will compare to the characters and connections we've all created with this magical studio that will live on forever. Adventure is out there! • I took this photo of Carl Fredricksen's floating house while returning from one of my travels last year. I was sitting on the plane staring out into the unknown – I'm really happy I was able to capture an essence of such a beautiful film! 🎬✨ • • #pixar #anniversary #disney #up #abugslife #toystory #brave #walle #coco #monstersinc #animation #inspiration #film #photography #art

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重現《復仇者聯盟》(The Avengers)

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“HULK SMASH!” • Hulk and Thor come crashing through the large windows at the front of the station and continue their little quibble about who the strongest Avenger really is. I was so excited to try this scene as it's a great moment from ‘The Avengers' back in 2012 and I fondly remember sitting there in the cinema loving it all! On top of that… walking through Grand Central Station for the first time was something I'd only ever dreamed of. It's just one of those places that was always depicted in film and which looked so grand in the images I saw. A polar opposite to London Liverpool Street for sure, I wouldn't mind it being my new local station 😬🤷🏻‍♂️ • The entirety of this scene, much like all of the other Avengers shots here in New York City, was shot on green screens and sound stages. Luckily it all still looked picture perfect and mirrored the film really well. • • #theavengers #avengers #hulk #thor #markruffalo #chrishemsworth #grandcentralstation #superheroes #newyork #visitnewyork #n
yc #film #photography #specialeffects

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重現《哈利波特:死神的聖物2》(Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2)

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“Always.” 💔 • It's been 4 years since Alan Rickman passed away. I still can't believe such a great man is no longer with us. His filmography is flooded with creative characters, classic stories, and iconic accents from all over the world, all of which have touched every single one of us to our core. From the dastardly rich and wanted in Die Hard, the lovesick lover in love Actually, and the misunderstood professor in Harry Potter. Severus Snape is undoubtedly the character he is most known for and it's clear why. As Harry Potter said to his son, ‘he was the bravest man I have ever known.' As they all did for Dumbledore, we hold up our magic wands in
honour of his memory forever and always 🎬💙 • I took this photo when I was last at the @wbtourlondon. I wanted to capture something from this penultimate scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. The revelation that Snape wasn't all that bad… this took place in Dumbledore's office after Snape is murdered by lord Voldemort; this is the set they used. Harry looks upon the memories of Snape and uncovers the truth. Always an amazing experience here at Warner Bros, thanks to the wonderful team for their help. • • #alanrickman #ripalanrickman #harrypotter #diehard #loveactually #robinhood #severussnape #life #love #hope #wbstudiotour #london #film #photography

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重現《蜘蛛俠:決戰千里》(Spider-Man: Far from Home)

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“Oh, MJ, I'm so sorry! I had this plan and I wrote it all down. I was going to buy you this and giv
e it to you in Paris I–“ • Another scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home where Peter and MJ finally realise that young love exists… and that they both like each other! Aw. Soppy and wholesome. Thanks @tomholland2013 and @zendaya for bringing these characters to life! I took this during #carfreeday on @towerbridge. The joys of no automobiles. I appreciated the love story between these two in Far From Home. They have a real connection both on-screen and in reality. Another Spidey example of this is Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone… I'll never forget their final moments together in that clock tower as that little webbed hand reaches out to save Peter's one true love. Here's to the future romances of the Spidey-verse! • As stated before, the entire bridge was reconstructed on a set – for obvious destructive reasons – although Zendaya and co did film parts on the bridge which only lasted a day. Love for @tomholland2013 @harryholland64 to see! 🤗 All credits to the Spider-Man marketing trailers for these shots. • • #spiderman #spidermanfarfromhome #peterparker #tomholland #zendaya #rdj #quackson #towerbridge #london #marvel #newyork #film #photography #art #love #comicbooks #superhero #avengers #mysterio

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“A dream within a dream?” • The Inception bridge! 🎬 Or how it's otherwise known: Pont de Bir-Hakeim bridge. Such a stunning piece of architecture with its tinted steel columns raising the large structure to support the metro line above, its positioning being a perfect photo-op with the Eiffel Tower looming in the backdrop. Inception created a multi-mirror-dimension fun house woven throughout the underpass of this bridge – it makes for a truly wonderful scene in the 2010 film and makes visiting this mind-boggling location feel even more like I'm stepping through not just a film… but a dream. So much fun trying different versions of this! • I remember trying this scene back in 2018. However, I was not prepared! The mirrored, digital, 2-way aspect of the mirror themes meant that most shots were very hard to achieve. I wanted to TRY and show the feeling of Ariadne manipulating her surroundings so I took a few possible shots with me. It was very windy and cold but I just about got it done! Ps. Lovely place to spot some wedding photoshoots, an idyllic piece of scenery for that! • • #inception #leonardodicaprio #ellenpage #tomhardy #dreams #paris #cinema #pontdebirhakeim #christophernolan #film #photography #cinematography

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“Can you introduce me as Joker?” • 2 Jokers dancing in the spotlight. Joaquin Phoenix took home the Oscar for Best Actor last night – it's been 11 years since Heath Ledger was also crowned with this achievement for the same role. Ledger was awarded the Oscar posthumously in 2009, so this turn of events couldn't feel more just; Phoenix has brought this journey full circle by picking up the award that Ledger so rightfully deserved to pick up himself 11 years ago. 2 Jokers standing tall, side-by-side. • I visited the ‘Joker steps' in July of last year. I was so excited to see them for real! I only had one shot to go with though as only one short trailer had been released at that time. Now I'd love to go back with some more footage! What a triumph of a film. • • #joker #joaquinphoenix #heathledger #oscars #theacademy #batman #journey #inspiration #film #toddphillips #photography #awards #hollywood

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重現《霍金:愛的方程式》(The Theory of Everything)

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“However bad life may seem, while there is life, there is hope.” ✨ • Stephen Hawking would have turned 78 today. His life and incredible mind is immortalised in the science of tomorrow as well as in an impeccably incredible performance from Eddie Redmayne in ‘The Theory of Everything'. I absolutely adore Redmayne as an actor and this role only solidified him as truly remarkable at what he does – an Oscar-worthy of the performance! It only seemed fitting to celebrate this bittersweet day by visiting the filmed re-creation of Jane & Stephens' wedding; the most memorable and lovable day of one's life. • This is the Holy Trinity C of E Church located in Penn, Buckinghamshire. I visited a couple of years ago as well but wanted to come again to snap some updated photos! It's a lovely walk to get to this location and it was oh so peaceful while standing there to capture the special moments. I always find biographical pieces of filmmaking that little bit more hard-hitting… film is usually fictional but this was real 🎬💛 • • #stephenhawking #eddieredmayne #janehawking #felicityjones #oscars #academy #british #acting #beautiful #love #life #hope #film #photography

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重現《殺神John Wick 2》(John Wick: Chapter Two)

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“I'm thinking I'm back…” • The joy of walking across the stunning Brooklyn Bridge for the first time will forever be engrained in my memory. Yes, I may have been capturing a shot of a brutal, murderous assassin and his 4-legged friend but nevertheless it was really lovely and the sun was shining 🐶☀️ New York City is the home of John Wick. These films are full of cinematic excellence in the action-field, when I was introduced to them they pleasantly gave a fresh take on the genre. Simple, effective, and most importantly: beautifully choreographed and shot. John Wick has pieced together its own world of class through the thumping beats of Keanu Reeves rocking a 3-piece suit and giving it his all and I'll be here for it until the very end. • This shot is from John Wick 2 and the reason for choosing this moment is because a) the bridge is a beautiful backdrop and b) it embodies the essence of John Wick in one photo; Keanu and his #1 best pal. I love how this series stays grounded with a simple message of redemption and love while also being extraordinarily brash and violent. Dogs play an important role in this theme and so this photo felt perfect to celebrate John Wick aka. The Boogeyman. Brooklyn bridge is rather long so I wondered up & down looking for the spot. This seemed to be facing the right direction based on the lines on the ground and the different lamp posts so voila! • • #johnwick #brooklynbridge #newyork #keanureeves #choreography #art #summer #colour #dog #companionship #family #love #film #photography

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重現《翻生侏羅館3:古墓的秘密》(Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb)

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“You're only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.” ~ Robin Williams (July 21st, 1951 – August 11th, 2014) • Today marks the 5th anniversary of Robin Williams' passing. We remember the joys he sowed through his personality and rhythm with life, along with the characters he bought to the screen through his pure heart of comedy gold; a nanny, a genie, a doctor, a robot, a dad, a penguin and a president. Not much more can a man do than what he achieved through entertaining the world and nurturing all of our faces to smile that little bit more. Thanks to the stars and back you wonderful, wonderful human being. • I remember waking up to this news. My heart broke. A feeling so very bewildering to hear that a man who smiled so much and who gave happiness to so many was actually breaking inside. Count your blessings and love all those around you, all can disappear in no time at all x • This is a shot from ‘Night at the Musuem: Secret of the Tomb'. It felt like a fitting film to capture today as it's all about bringing to life those that have passed. I know for a fact that although Robin Williams left us 5 years ago, he lives on with us every single day through the magic of memories and movies. • • #robinwilliams #nightatthemuseum #love #laughter #happiness #life #comedy #wonderful #mrsdoubtfire #aladdin #film #photography #art #memories #london

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重現《職業特工隊: 叛逆之謎》(Mission : Impossible – Fallout)

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The fallout to end all falls. Mission: Impossible is a franchise that keeps giving and only ever improving with each entry. Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018) is no exception as it truly defies the movie genre of today. It offers some spectacular looks at Paris and so here we are! I couldn't resist making the most of the Eiffel Tower with the shot that Henry Cavill signed for me last month! This location was simply beautiful. Give the film a watch, you won't be disappointed. A spectacle like no other, and yes, the stunts are REAL. That aspect really needs more recognition. Au Revoir! • • #missionimpossible #missionimpossiblefallout #fallout #tomcruise #simonpegg #henrycavill #christophermcquarrie #paris #photography #explore #art

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Miracle on the Hudson ✈️ • On this day in 2009, Captain Sully landed US Airways Flight 1549 safely on the Hudson River in New York City. All of the 155 passengers aboard survived. The plane was struck by a flock of geese which resulted in a loss of engine power. Without a close enough airport to fly to, Chesley Sullenberger and Jeffrey Skiles successfully glided the plane onto the Hudson. This event has since become known as “the most successful ditching in aviation history”. The photo I'm holding is a still from the 2016 film, ‘Sully'. It's inspired by the real events as they did this in a studio. Tom Hanks does a superb job of portraying the Captain and showing how incredible Sully was to do what he did. I feel like we always need some positivity amongst some of the doom & gloom of today and this event still stands as a miracle! 155 more people are alive because of those pilots. • I researched where the plane landed in reality and it was supposedly very close to the Weehawken Port Imperial station, right on the edge of Manhattan island. I ventured to the closest point on Manhattan that linked with that which turned out to be the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. A lovely gentlemen told me where the longest pier was and so, a few seconds down, was where I leaned over and snapped this inspired filmic moment in history. • • #sully #captainsully #miracleonthehudson #newyork #manhattan #flight1549 #miracle #tomhanks #clinteastwood #life #survival #history #positive #film #photography #create

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另外 Phil Grishayev 亦有類似作品,佢將自己變成電影主角,重現經典場景。

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